Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Fish moving, Nice dinner, and book failure

Well I have a couple of topics to talk about tonight. I was able to move the majority of my fish yesterday with only a minor amount of me getting soaked. The fish love to throw the water in my face, although they probably think I am dork for moving them from their home. Will probably move the clown loaches on Thursday, but I have to be more careful with them as to their barbels.

I ate a nice dinner with some of coworkers/friends. It was a good time. We sat and talked for a quite a while. Need to have more of those. I ate horribly though. I had seared mahi mahi in rasberry sauce and pumpkin cheese cake for dinner.

My book for nanowrimo has bombed. I completed 17,000 words out of the 50,000 I needed. But I am pleased with what I did accomplish. Will try again next year.


Princess Blogonoke said...

Hey, you did tons better than me. I brushed just over 3000 words. I'm trying next year though!

Clayton said...

at least you tried

Reverend0 said...

Thanks both of you. But don't forget the play you wrote princess. I am going to post up what I got done on my main website and link it here. I am thinking about converting it to a play, since that is almost what I wrote in novel format. I think it would make a decent play. I might be able to finish it then.