Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mock Draft 2011

Per usual, I am going to put together my mock draft. Last I think I got 5 teams right which is pretty terrible. Hopefully I a bit better at guessing this years teams, but really it is difficult with trades and all the smoke screens that teams put out. Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to predict who will be good, but then I remember how many busts there are in a year.

To make matters worse, this year there may not be football which means the draft, instead of being an interesting thought exercise, turns out to be a colossal waste of time. Although me doing this is :)

What should make it easier is that there will be no trades that include 2012 draft picks. This means there will be a lot less trades as trading players will also be difficult because of the lack of a CBA. So my guess is there will be less trades than last year, but will still be a few.

1 CARMarcell DareusSo many needs for Panthers...
2 DENVon MillerMost needs on defense, likely to grab a safety in the second round.
3 BUFBlaine GabbertThey could go OT here, but think they will grab one of the top 3 QB.
4 CINDa'Quan BowersCould also go OT, but likely will grab in start second round.
5 ARICam NewtonWTF
6 CLEAJ GreenThis doesn't feel like something Holmgren would do...
7 SFNick FairleyLots of pressure to take a franchise QB here...
8 TENPatrick PetersonAnother need for a QB here...
9 DALTyron SmithBest OT to protect the QB and push the line edge for runs
10 WASMark IngramHello Shanahan.
11 HOUPrince AmukamaraHouston continues its attempt to shutdown then Colts.
12 MINMuhammad WilkersonCould trade up to get one of other DT, but this is definitely a need. Could also grab Locker.
13 DETAnthony CastonzoA year without Stafford injured, not including the lockout?
14 STLJulio JonesSt. Louis continues to build a football team.
15 MIARobert QuinnCould go Locker...
16 JACCameron JordanPicking Jacksonville, impossible.
17 NEJ.J. WattWith two first round picks... who to go after first...
18 SDGabe CarimiCould also go with DE Kerrigan here.
19 NYGNate SolderProtect that Manning
20 TBRyan KerriganBetween McCoy and Kerrigan, someone should be free to get a sack.
21 KCCorey LiugetVersatility seems to be the new KC.
22 INDDerek SherrodProtect that Manning
23 PHIMike PounceyMight go for a linebacker here...
24 NOAdrian ClaybornMaybe less blitzes this year?
25 SEAJake LockerI don't agree with my own selection, as I don't think Pete will go this way... probably wants an OT for depth.
26 BALJimmy SmithWinning on D will continue, but more time with Flacco and his receiver crew will pay dividends this year, if they play.
27 ATLAldon SmithGotta put pressure on Aaron Rodgers somehow...
28 NEAkeem AyersI expect more O-line in round 2.
29 CHIDanny WatkinsGive Cutler a little more time, but round 2 will see either a LB or DT.
30 NYJCameron HeywardWould hopefully grab some double teams to open up better blitzing paths.
31 PITMarcus CannonDoes Big Ben need to run so much?
32 GBMikel LeShoureAnother year without a running back is not acceptable.

We'll see how I do this year...