Tuesday, November 23, 2004

On Line Suckage

The best laid plans of mice and men.....

I get the best laid coax of green county cable. But it isn't green county this time. Well other than they are really slow. It seems I have run into other pains. Can't play Halo 2 tonight online. Tried failed. So I switched over to Battlefield: Vietnam on the PC. I had downloaded and installed the patch months ago, but it did not work. Plus there was something else screwy so I am redownloading the patch and I am going to reinstall from scratch. I couldn't even get into single player. Just bizarre.

Got a call from my cousin. Looking to have me check out one of his PCs. Seems I am somewhat of an expert. I have a feeling that one of my 7 current PCs gets me close to that name. It should just be closer to crazy. I took the day off of work tomorrow, so I am going to do a little house cleaning as it could really use it and then start the installation of Linux on one of my old machines. Plus I plan on selling all the scsi stuff inside of it. I have run scsi for a while and really truly love it, but it is just not cutting it in terms of space available. Of course it doesn't help that I have differential scsi which is even more difficult to find.

So what is the difference between singled ended scsi and differential. Well Differential has a basic difference that in normal signal lines, 0 tends to be no voltage across the line. This is more prone to errors so they created differential where you have two defined voltage settings for zero and one.

What that gets you is not a speed enhancement as much as a distance enhancement. I got into it cause you could get the drives online for pretty cheap versus normal scsi. And we all know that scsi is better. Now it is time to get rid of this stuff. I will someday go back to scsi, but it will be the ordinary stuff.

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