Saturday, November 13, 2004

non-book > First clan match Halo 2

Well, we got out buts completely stomped. But we were still learning the rules of the game. I think we now have it figured out. Although I am not saying that we will win.

The first problem we really ran into wasn't the rules of the game, but the rules of clan matches. It turns out the major matches had a cap of 8 players. We had 10 clan members in last night. I think it may pay off to split into two clans.

What I am thinking is that we do Psyk clan and either Psyk Premiere or Psyk Junior. And whichever one is the "top" team, we have weekly tryouts for. Let's say that, every friday we have decided is our primary match night. We all get online between 8 and 9pm. Our "seeding" match happens at 9pm sharp till 10pm we hold the try out. The top half of our guys get invited to the "A" team, the remaining sit in the "B" team. The "A" team stays until next friday when we do this all again. Maybe every two weeks. This should give us our strongest for the clan matches and it still allows those that are still learning to learn some more. This isn't to say that clan B doesn't get to do clan matches. they get to do this as well.

The problem with this plan is that I don't know how much work it would be to handle the clan switching and all that jazz.

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