Saturday, November 20, 2004

Ah, my first suffered lapse

Ok. I took some time off of my book to do a christmas project. I will put pictures up next week after I have given it as a gift. The person does not know about the blog, but this is the internet and I would rather not take a chance.

At work this week, we are playing with the idea of blogs at work as a means of status updates. This offers a bunch of challenges that we can't have them be public because we have data that is confidential. Now in my search for freeware blog tools I went through a number of them. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease to which most of them could be installed. However I came across one blog server software that stood out amongst the rest with the amount of features that are built in. B2Evolution. Simply amazing. Granular rights. Self registration. Multiple blog and bloggers. Darn sexy plugin and skins. Awesome. The only draw back for the ordinary bloke out there is that they would need their own linux server to install on.

On a second note, we had our second round of clan matches last night. We still sucked. We tied 2 matches and lost the rest. So we are getting better, but we need more practice at operating as a team. Which comes to my new followup to last weeks post. We need to run a few more simulated clan matches. So we run a 5 on 5 match using similar rules that others are using and attempt slow down and try some different strategies. Got to get better some how.

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