Friday, November 26, 2004

Oh yeah, almost forgot.

I was so busy playing games, I forgot to mention that my redhat install went fine on my old computer. I took out all my differential scsi and left in my single ended dvd and cd-rw drives. Then I found an old 40 gig that was empty and put that in. Of course I couldn't boot off of scsi, so I had to hijack one of my ide cd drives. All said and done it is completed. Now I can sell all my old scsi drives all though I should wipe them clean first. That should be a blast. Lots of time wasted. If I would have been smart I would have wiped them clean when the drives were in it. Oh well. I plan on using the box to play around with. Nothing serious. Mostly just leave it off unless I feel like using linux.

Speaking of linux. I would use linux all the time, if it weren't for the games I play are on Windows. On top of it, the windows applications I use to record tv are pretty darn nice. So overall, I like linux and it's efficiency. I miss windows for it's games and media options (with ease)

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