Sunday, November 07, 2004

Michigan Tech vs. GVSU

Well I am going to add a non-book post. I went to Bash at the Big House with JClem this weekend. Also did the Youth Engineering and Science expo as well to help out. Got a lot of interest from the kids into what we do and also what you can do in engineering and sciences. That was a lot of fun. The football game however was painful. MTU decided it wasn't going to play football till the last 3 minutes and still couldn't do any sort of clock management. But the real goal was accomplished. I ran in to Ish, Mike and Becky. And that was terribly cool. Plus we went to some Irish pub in A-squared and drank good stout and ate some pretty good food. At least from my stand point.

As for my website modilabs, I added some pictures up there from a halloween party I went to. I also loaded one more song up. I am not all that happy with it right now, I think there is too much twang on the guitar and also the rythm doesn't exist and tempo keeps changing.

Well see if I can get a bit more of the book done.

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