Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012 NFL Draft - How'd I guess

Well per usual, I did my mock draft 1 week ago just to see how my set of picks would turn out.  I have come up with my own scoring just to see how I did.  I score 5 points if I get the team correct with my guess and then 5 points if the location in the draft was correct but for every spot off, I remove 1 point.

Pick - Team - My Guess - Actual - Score
  1. IND - Andrew Luck - Andrew Luck - 10
  2. WAS - Robert Griffin III - Robert Griffin III -10
  3. MIN    Matt Kalil - Trent Richardson (CLE) - 9
  4. CLE    Trent Richardson - Matt Kalil (MIN) - 9
  5. TB    Justin Blackmon - Justin Blackmon - 5
  6. STL    Maurice Claiborne - Maurice Claiborne - 5
  7. JAC    Quintin Coples - Mark Barron - 0
  8. MIA    Ryan Tannehill - Ryan Tannehill - 10
  9. CAR    Fletcher Cox - Luke Kuechly - 3
  10. BUF    Michael Floyd - Stephon Gilmore - 3
  11. KC    David DeCastro - Dontari Poe - 0
  12. SEA    Riley Reiff - Fletcher Cox - 0
  13. ARI    Mike Adams - Michael Floyd - 0
  14. DAL    Melvin Ingram - Michael Brockers - 1
  15. PHI    Michael Brockers - Bruce Irvin - 4
  16. NYJ    Cordy Glenn - Quiton Coples - 0
  17. CIN    Dre Kirkpatrick - Dre Kirkpatrick - 10
  18. SD    Mark Barron - Melvin Ingram - 0
  19. CHI    Jonathan Martin - Shea McClellin - 0
  20. TEN    Courtney Upshaw - Kendall Wright - 0
  21. CIN    Kendall Wright - Chandler Jones - 5
  22. CLE    Luke Kuechly - Brandon Weeden - 0
  23. DET    Stephon Gilmore - Riley Rieff - 0
  24. PIT    Dontari Poe - David Decastro - 0
  25. DEN    Nick Perry - Dont'a Hightower - 3
  26. HOU    Stephen Hill - Whitney Mercilus - 0
  27. NE    Chandler Jones - Kevin Zeitler - 0
  28. GB    Kevin Zeitler - Nick Perry - 4
  29. BAL    Peter Konz - Harrison Smith - 0
  30. SF    Devon Still - A.J. Jenkins - 0
  31. NE    Alameda Ta'amu - Doug Martin - 0
  32. NYG    Coby Fleener - David Wilson - 0
91 Points!

So, I did get a bunch of misses, but overall I think I did better than in years pass.  Mostly it was the late rounders that I was able to either get the team right or hit on the pick.  Once you get later on it, it just ends up being really challenging.  Better yet, I didn't spend a ton of time working on this :P

So how did the Lions do?

Really it is the OT that was the big surprise of the draft and biggest break.  He was the second best OT and he was able to hang around for 23 picks.  We drafted a WR next that was probably too early for this guy.  He went out late last year (November) with an ACL injury.  Who knows when or if we get this on the squad.  Our next 6 picks were CB and OLB.  It's what we really needed to pick up and looks like they are grabbing a bunch to see which ones stick.  I am down with that as a strategy.  However I wish they would have went and grabbed a C in the second round.  There was a couple good ones hanging around at that point that would replace Dominic in a year or two and would give us a nice upgrade in terms of size.  Oh well.

Fan grading came out as a B, but I think that is a bit optimistic.

My take:
1st round: A
2nd round: F
3rd round: B+
4th round: C+
5th round: C
6th round: C-
7th round: C+

Overall, I think it is more of a C+ type of draft.  Missing our on C or on one more RB, was definitely a miss.  Picking a WR that is out, is another miss.  I saw a couple of good ones that would have made me happy.

Go Lions!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 Mock Draft

 Updated to include links to player profiles...
  1. IND    Andrew Luck QB
  2. WAS    Robert Griffin III QB
  3. MIN    Matt Kalil OT
  4. CLE    Trent Richardson RB
  5. TB    Justin Blackmon WR
  6. STL    Maurice Clairborne CB
  7. JAC    Quintin Coples DE
  8. MIA    Ryan Tannehill QB
  9. CAR    Fletcher Cox DE
  10. BUF    Michael Floyd WR
  11. KC    David DeCastro OG
  12. SEA    Riley Reiff OT
  13. ARI    Mike Adams OT
  14. DAL    Melvin Ingram OLB
  15. PHI    Michael Brockers DT
  16. NYJ    Cordy Glenn OG
  17. CIN    Dre Kirkpatrick CB
  18. SD    Mark Barron SS
  19. CHI    Jonathan Martin OT
  20. TEN    Courtney Upshaw DE
  21. CIN    Kendall Wright WR
  22. CLE    Luke Kuechly ILB
  23. DET    Stephon Gilmore CB
  24. PIT    Dontari Poe DT
  25. DEN    Nick Perry DE
  26. HOU    Stephen Hill WR
  27. NE    Chandler Jones DE
  28. GB    Kevin Zeitler OG
  29. BAL    Peter Konz C
  30. SF    Devon Still DT
  31. NE    Alameda Ta'amu DT
  32. NYG    Coby Fleener TE

As part of my normal tradition, I am putting up my take on the upcoming NFL draft.  Since last year, my picks were so awful, I am not spending time writing up my take on each of the picks.  The overall feeling I get this year is that more teams are willing to stick with their existing postitions.  I don't expect a lot of upward movement even though some teams in the middle would consider moving down, I don't see a lot of teams willing to spend the picks to move up.  Even your talented teams have many needs that they will want to fill in the draft.  I think Kansas City did the best job in situating themselves to move up or down if the mood strikes them.