Sunday, March 22, 2009

A quick trip to Michigan

Last weekend, Miranda and I went to Michigan. The primary reason was that I had promised Amanda that I would come out for their wedding, but the timing on our end didn't work out. When I found out that she was throwing a party in St. Joe, I decided that I had to go. Plus if I was that close to my hometown, I should grab Miranda to see some family.

We arrived Friday evening in South Bend. My parents picked us up and we grabbed a quick bite to eat, since I was able to keep Miranda fed, but neglected my own lunch. There is a lesson learned. Miranda did have a rough time coming into Detroit. Those big jets really have a pressure differential. The regional jet from Detroit to South Bend went smoothly. Oh forgot to mention that I tried the family security line at Seatac Airport. The security folks there were very helpful and nice, but I did feel rushed because some turkey that was alone was behind me acting impatient. Moron. Also Miranda decided to throw a temper tantrum in the security line because she didn't want her jacket or shoes off.

Saturday spent a lazy morning with Miranda and my parents before scooting to see Chad and Amanda. First off, I had no idea that Trinity Lutheran had acquired another building so I went to the Church first and didn't find anyone. We eventually found the place even though Miranda just wanted to play at the playground. We visited and ate dinner rolls (Miranda's favorite food from the trip) and nursed a meltdown. After all was right, Jaimee, I and the little ones headed over to the playground and the little ones played. It was very cool seeing them play on the slides and whatnot. That night, I dropped off Miranda with my parents and darted out the 5 O'clock bar to meet up with Jaimee, Dan, Amanda, and Chad for a drink and some reminiscing. Overall it was fun. I had totally forgotten that you are allowed to smoke in public buildings in Michigan.

Sunday, we snuck up to South Haven to surprise my grandma. It worked. Grandma was so surprised to see one of her great grand kids. We spent the day visiting and my uncle Tom and cousin came to visit as well. Miranda had lots of fun and was a pretty good girl for the weekend.

Monday we jetted back to Seattle. She did ok for some of the flight, but really it is a long flight and she was pretty tired by then, that she was a brat for the last part of the second flight. I think the hit to the face and then headbutting my face might be what made it pretty bad.

I spent a good chunk of the trip fairly stressed out. It is hard to fly with a 2-3 year old. She needed constant attention and basically is was like working a full day without eating and a deadline looming. We made it back, but I think I am still unwinding from the trip, but I am not doing a good job so far.

Things I learned from the travel:
  1. Carryon bag should be highly compartmentalized for easy retrieval of any specialized gear
  2. Bring items that make security easy. No laptops, slip on shoes for both. Have the jackets off ahead of time.
  3. Bring salty and sweet snacks for the little one.
  4. Bring energy bars for yourself.
  5. Bring a cup that doesn't leak for drinking for the little one.
  6. Book the window seat for the little one. If things work well, you can just change them in the seat without hitting the bathroom.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

LASIK after 2 months...

It has been about 2 months now with good vision. I still have some halos and some dryness, but really haven't been tied to the eye drops at all. So this is what it is like for everyone with good vision. No worrying about contacts or carry stuff to take care of them. No glasses getting wet in the rain. Just waking up to see and seeing the clock in the middle of the night. Of course, I can now see that the shower needs to be replaced. Sigh.

A little while ago, Andrej asked how the eyes are after the surgery. I said tired, but didn't really explain. After the surgery there was about 5 weeks where I didn't get a full night of sleep. I would wake up with painfully dry eyes which would require a round of eye drops. Now it is starting to get to the point where I can sleep all the way through the night.

Right now I am looking forward to my first trip without bringing the contact solution, case, glasses and other misc stuff. Should be easier traveling for that, if only traveling with a 34 month old would be easier too.