Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Day two complete

Well the good news is that my novel writing is moving along and I have almost caught up with my laziness yesterday, 2945. The bad news is that I am going to fall behind as I have bowling tomorrow night. I hate to bowl not cause I don't have fun, but because at some point in every night I do it, I become overly competitive. With myself. I don't like being competitive. I am never comfortable when I am.
I could complete more of the novel tonight in order to get closer to making up for tomorrow night but I also have 3 songs that Jimbo and recorded this weekend that I need to finish mixing and also I could probably stand to do some practicing as well. My bass sucks on these songs as I haven't really been able to practice them. However, now that I have them on my computer I will be able to practice them. Then at some point re-record the bass and repost it. But I will pop them up to the server for fun.
And my only voting notes of the evening. If you didn't vote this evening and you are American and eligible. Shame on you. Civic duty. We aren't asking you to lay your life on line for your country, the least you could do is put a little thought into helping shape the direction of this country. Of course no matter who we get this time, we are probably in trouble. I knew I should have voted in the primaries. Teaches me a lesson.

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