Monday, December 26, 2005

What a gift!

The Lions won. It was a pitiful game but they won.

Hope everyone had a good holiday!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Announcement: Addition, more than just mathematics

Announced on my wife's blog earlier, we are expecting an addition to the family. Michelle is due in April. We have gone through a couple of ultra-sounds which can be seen on her blog. The link to her blog is located on the right.

We are excited and have been working like crazy to get the house ready for more than two. Well more than 2 plus a cat. When we moved in the room that we chose to be the babies room was the room that stored the books from moving. So the office that I have been working on has been more of a library so that I could move the books out. Since that is 90% complete, I can start prepping what will be the baby's room for paint and ... baby-fying.

Last weekend Princess was over (you can see her notes on it to the right again). We ended up not doing much. I was sick and also working all weekend on a feature that is now back up on the website for the company that employs me. Probably will take a couple of hours this weekend and see if I can get more data to read for it. Maybe someday I will share that, I just like to keep it separate a lot of time.

So, a couple of our friends that are out here in Washington, are not going to be in Washington anymore. Being a programmer in the game industry can be brutal and he has chosen to stay in the industry but try a new company. I tried recruiting, but the call of his passions for games won out. So we lose a couple that we love to hang out with. Maybe we will visit them in Utah.

So we are now in the week leading up to Christmas. Are you ready? I think I am :)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Mooch-less Lions


Why am I a Lions fan? It can't be just cause I used to live in Michigan... Or that my family is made up of Lions fans... I don't think it has anything to do with what some fascination with underdogs...

I must like losers.

Well in football. But that same could apply when viewing my liking the Pittsburgh Penguins in hockey. Just baffling. Almost as baffling as the record that Lions have had over the last few years. Or since Ford has owned them.

The release of Mariucci will not fix the Lions. In fact I predict that next year, the Lions will be worse because of it. The fact that strikes me funny is that 9 players (out of 53) make up 45% of the salary. With 9 star players, we should be able to at least make 50/50. Unless ... gasp ... they aren't star players.

Harrington. Sorry dude, but I didn't want you when we drafted you. I wanted them to draft Quentin Jammer or Roy Williams (the one that hits hard for the Cowboys). You just don't have it for the west coast offense (more to come on that one later). You don't have the ability to work your team up. I watch a lot of other younger quarterbacks who are always talking to other players on the team even when they are having troubles. You just sit by yourself on the bench. Where is the fire man.

Charlie Rogers. Amazing talent in college. Turns out to make questionable life choices questionable character. I was happy that you were selected in the draft. But I wouldn't have drafted you. Look at the agent you picked. That to me tells something of your interests in football. Money. Not winning.

Roy Williams. No complaints. Keep on trucking.

Mike Williams. So we drafted you for your possession receiver ability, but you drop 4 balls a game. But you are still young. Work on your hands, man.

Kevin Jones. Dude you could be amazing, but you may want to take a lesson from a bigger man by the name of Bettis. You can't run head first ball like you did in college. Use some moves. Any moves.

Mr. West Coast Offense. This offense should be outlawed. It works in some talent pools, but that is fairly rare. So whatever you want to change it to Pittsburgh, that should be fine. Just a thought.