Saturday, December 11, 2004

Week complete

Well, the week is and work complete now I must see to some slight bit of enjoyment on the weekend. Sometimes I wonder if the completion of week after week of work is worth some of the not so enjoyable parts, but I realize that all must work and even with no work, things would probably not be fully enjoyable. I guess I am saying everything is what we make of it.

So I will make of it today to finish the XBox video game Fable. I have spent much time avoiding it, but not for how good it is. I really enjoy it, but Halo 2 came out and that put a crimp in it. The graphics in the game are superb. There is a general sense that is created with the sounds, music, and images that gives it a 50's Camelot sort of feel throughout. That righteous images with a Leave it Beaver feel of quest running. However my view of that may be because of I play the good path. In fact I find it nigh impossible to play as evil. Just goes against my nature.

So anyway, I have completed a number of quests and some off side quests. They have been enjoyable and not overly taxing. That may not be a good thing. However the choices you get to make and portion of a life you get to live are very interesting. You get to live life and some times it feels like it gets in the way and sometimes it feels like there is just not enough. I do recommend the game.

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