Sunday, December 19, 2004

Christmas 2 of 4

Did you know that Christmas comes many times a year? At least for me it does and if it were really my choice there would probably be a 5th and 6th time instead of just 4. So how does this work you ask. I am glad you asked. The first one is always my larger family, aunts and uncles, etc. The second and third ones are mostly interchangeable. They are my friends from high school and my friends from work. Yes, Ish, I did say FRIENDS from work. One of the ones that I would add is friends from college. I know Ish usually throws a part at the Mossport, but due to other family obligations, I can never attend. So I am at 4 of 6. The fifth one is christmas day that I spend with my close family. The final one is possibly family up north aka my wife's family. But due to the amazing distance and the weather, it is very difficult to make it up there.

So last night was Christmas with my high school buddies. It is a small group and doesn't include some of my other high school friends that hung in different circles. I really should invite them, but we never plan this evening out. It always just sort of happens in a couple of days. So this year, I got my friend Robbie a all in one game controller with genesis games on it. I got AY a check towards a new mobo. JimKat got Halo 2. I received some CDRW, a DVD case, bass strings for my 5 string, and a game called Smart Mouth.

So after the grand gift giving, we hung out and played Smart Mouth. The game is surprisingly harder than expected. The basic concept is that the group is presented with two random letters (which does not include the entire alphabet) and the first one to come up with a word that is at least 5 letters long and starts with the first letter and ends with the second letter, wins those alphabet tiles. Where you get into fun is that you can then make variations, like geography based or people's initials based. We played through a couple of variations until the final one which included much beer and little sleep where everyone came up with porn phrase that included words that started with the two letters.

So if you see it at the store, you may want to pick it up. Although I don't give this a gunge endorsement more of a 4 stars out of 10.

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