Wednesday, December 15, 2004

RIP My Linksys Switch, you SOB

As with most customers, I don't really talk about a given product unless it completely does not meet my expectations. I mean, what fun is saying a product met expectations. So when something does exceptionally well or does very poor do I put anything down into the kitty. So I will briefly tell my router tale.

In college, my housemate and I split on a DLink 5 port switch. It was expensive at the time, somewhere in the $165 range. But I never really thought about it until it died about 4 months ago. Which all said and done, lasted about 5 or 6 years. Didn't think it was anything special. So I had to replace it. So went to Best Buy and instead of being loyal to the brand that lasted so well, mostly because anyone in technology can tell you, that brand names switch manufacturers all the time. I bought a linksys. The damn thing lasted me a whooping 4 MONTHS. Hmmm 90 day warranty out the window. Don't buy their crap. I wouldn't be so harsh except all products I have bought from them (post Cisco buy out) have not lasted 6 months. So now I am left again without my switch.

Time to pick a new one. I have selected the DGL 4100 from Dlink. It is a router specifically geared to gaming. So, I am now excited again. But it is not really a switch but a router. I am totally ok with that.

Well enough typing, time for my bi-weekly bowling.

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