Sunday, December 12, 2004

Video Game day over

Well I completed my day o' video games and I didn't finish up Fable. I got through two more quests before my friend AY showed up. I will reiterate on yesterday, that Fable is fun, but I have a little bit more of my read. The polish of the story just seem to be seamless into the game play. If feels like things sort of pull apart to make it almost work. Don't know if that makes any sense.

So after my 2 quests, we moved on to older and newer things. We put in about 3 hours into Diablo 2 multiplayer on a local TCP/IP host game. Very fun. Finished off Act 1 and did a little of Act 2. I have to say, I really enjoyed Acts 1 and 4 but Act 3 was the most horrendous act. Just irritating. And I have never played Act 5.

After that is was Halo 2 campaign. Totally immersive and a blast. Now that is a game with a polished feeling story line. We lost track of total time and ended up playing that for about 4 or 5 hours. Not sure how far we are in, but doesn't matter. We tried to hook up with MatchesMMalone for a little multiplayer action, but Bungie/XBox Live decided that we wouldn't be doing that. We kept getting network problems and failures to connect. It is a real shame because I wanted to try out my new headset splitter for multiple team speak. From the initial testing, we could speak but we couldn't hear, so I will see if I can resolve that.

On an additional note, I picked up Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls for the GBA. Read through the booklet yesterday. What a blast from the past. So I will probably play that when I head up to the U.P. over New Years.

And on a final note, I added a link on ModiLabs to my Halo 2 statistics, so you all can see how bad I suck.

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