Friday, December 03, 2004

Chili's and Halo 2

There will probably be lots of post with Halo 2 reflections. I typically play every friday night, but we got a jump on the weekend by playing last night. But before that, a couple of us from work, and my wife went to Chili's. I ate too much. I know I should have just taken my food home, but I always eat what is on my plate.

I think America could lose some weight by exercising the same self control. The portions that we give ourselve and the portions what we are served in a restaurant are absolutely huge. Plus it is so easy to take part of you meal home. Plus it makes it very cost efficient. But look at the crazy phenomenon that is ripping up the bellies of America. Buffet's. You see people in there eating a ton of food because they want to get their money's worth. It is just crazy. So why do they go? Selection? I don't know.

So anyway, enough phat ranting. Halo 2 was fun. Matches, OutSorcerer, and Bucko played in the beginning, before jv joined us. Who won? It depended on what we were playing but it was usually Bucko. But in the end it was a blast. I am noticing that sometimes I get on bad streaks where I get busted up frequently. And then others that my routes turn into gold runs. I will have to do further engineer analysis to figure out what is making me do well.

Well, it is time for my morning exercise routine. Peace out.


Princess Blogonoke said...

I'm such a lightweight when it comes to buffets. I'm lucky if I can finish a dinner plate and a dessert plate. When I was in college, I was really good at eating, and I gained 20 lbs :-(.

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