Saturday, December 18, 2004

Starting to pull an Ish

Slowly and slowly my posts get farther apart. I think a lot of it is the loss of anything particularly useful to talk about. I am going to then jot down ideas for new posts in my current posts so I don't forget...

  1. Review the TeamSpeak product for the XBox
  2. Talk about moving my African Peacocks to their new tank
  3. Review Fable when I complete it
  4. Review Halo 2
  5. Review BF Vietnam
  6. Talk about the cooking class I took this week
  7. Discuss my adventures in php with modifying Mediawiki and B2Evolution blog engine
  8. Talk about my Palm Tungsten W I picked up off of EBay
  9. Talk about Bluetooth and it's impact on my life
If any of these sound particularly interesting or stupid, let me know and I will gladly avoid the one that falls in said category or move the other up in the list.


Princess Blogonoke said...

I go days without posting sometimes. Sometimes there just isn't anything fun or interesting to say. I don't got months without posting though, like Ish does... :-D

Reverend0 said...

Yeah. I hit the 5 day mark and I feel the need to post something, no matter how stupid it is. Which is most of my posts.

Ish said...

Month. Singular. Not "Months". Plural. The worst ever, was one month (and not even actually short by a day). And it happened to be the last month, in which I had several Christmasses and nervous breakdowns to attend to. Having been attended, however, I am back and prepared to continue by previously slightly less lazy posting habits.

You have time to take a cooking class, but you can't cook one goddamned meal for Julia Child? Heathen.

And where's my congratulations for singlehandedly conquering your fantasy football league. I demand props.