Saturday, December 04, 2004

Friday Complete

We finished our Halo 2 match last evening. No clan matches. I ended up quiting out because my broadband connection got really bad. Lots of good plays out there. It looks like a lot of the guys are getting better. It is good to see that there are some Tech grads in with the Work folks.

House of the Flying Daggers.

I just watched the preview for that on IMDB and I have to say, I HAVE TO SEE IT. It looks stunning. Another fantastic movie by the creator of Hero. I had to say that I thoroughly enjoyed his first endeavor. It was the opposite of what I thought it was but I felt that the emotions that he painted with color was fantastic and imagery of a myth were superb.

So given all that, I now have to wait till it makes it to this area before I can enjoy it. Terribly tragic. Sometimes I wish that I did not live in a backwater community. At the same point, I prefer the small town living to that of high density. I can do the density thing, just prefer not to.

On a fishie related note, I am going to be starting my fish migration hopefully soon. I still have not talked to the fish store owners to see if they will take in 3 wayward botia modesta. But my fish cleaning supplies arrived in and I already tried the algae scraper which worked wonderfully. Now lets see if we can keep up with the algae since it is still hard work to clean, just easier than the brush.

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