Sunday, December 05, 2004

Fish Migration part 2 and Movie Knight

Yesterday, I finished part 2 of 3 of my fish migration. I moved out the remaining fish from the one 55 gallon to bags. One bag, containing 2 clown loaches and a julii corydoras, went to the 55 gallon in the bedroom. The second bag went to the fish store for reintegration. That bag contained the blue botias.

So that is complete. Then the real headache began. I drained the tank, removed the ornamentation and removed the majority of the blue sand and silver rocks. I used that in my ivy garden, as that sand contains some really good plant food. Once that was complete (no easy undertaking to remove 35 pounds of sand. I moved onto adding the 20 pounds of black sand, some crushed coral and rock from my basement tank and some small pebbles (natural coloring) to the black sand. I added water and all the ornamentation and behold, the tank was up sort of.

For some reason, the sand particles clump together and float. Plus they attached to any air bubbles in the tank as well. So you have a big mess. I started up the powerhead and kicked on the heater and they do eventually go away. So if the tank parameters are good, I will move up some of my fish before the bacteria all die. Fish stories done today.

So, last evening, we got some buffalo wings and ordered some pizza later, but it was movie night. In preparation for Blade Trinity, we watch Blade II and the Knight household. Once that movie was done, we moved onto watch a futurama or two and also 2 episodes of Farscape season 1. Just remember ladies, Mr. Knight is single. Dashing, generous and well rounded human being. Act now, supplies are limited.


Princess Blogonoke said...

How many fishies do you have? I would have a fish, but I'm afraid it would die like my plants.

Reverend0 said...

Now that is a hard one. I had counted long ago, but I don't have as many now, as I once had had. We used to have 70. Now we have 31. We have sold most back to the store, but many have succumb to old age. Some to the carnivores. Right now since we are moving fish around, we have not bought in a while. I will be buying again once they get settled into tanks I Can keep them in.

Princess Blogonoke said...

You sold your fish back to the store? I didn't know you could do that! Are fish like cars and diamonds? Do they depreciate in value a lot once they leave the store?

Reverend0 said...

yeah. It is like trade in. Except fish appreciate. If you don't count the food they eat.

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