Friday, October 06, 2006

Week gone by, where did it go.

Well just wrapping up a week. Not terribly much happened. I tried to take care of Miranda Wednesday night but she refused solid food and the bottle. I guess she wanted mom to be home. I feel bad for having to call her to come back and help, but Miranda was hungry and there was nothing I could do. She did eventually cry herself back to sleep.

Otherwise things have been good. She is crouching and rocking so crawling can't be too far away. She is also getting closer to sitting up on her own. Also she is getting better at pulling herself up to the standing position, but doesn't always identify standing opportunities. And she is also getting much better hand-eye coordination, as when she reaches for things, she actually grabs them. Poor tigger gets alot of the grabbing attention.

Over the weekend, no plans. We should clean up the laundry/furnace room since we are having the furnace replaced next week. I might get my shocks replaced on the truck as they are leaking fluid. I would like to start reviewing all the books that I have read recently. We'll see which items get popped to the top.

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