Sunday, October 29, 2006

Truck and Miranda

So yesterday, I took my truck in to be looked at. It is a 2001 Dodge Dakota R/T. It was due for it's oil change, but I had just recently had new shocks put onto it and some other things of note started to appear. First off, the shock place told me either the steering column is bent or crooked. Second off, I have noticed a metal on metal bang whenever I hit certain types of bumps (ones that drop off suddenly). So it turns out that the steering column is fine, but my steering wheel is what is bent. The bend isn't serious enough to need a repair on it, but the wear and tear the bend is causing required a new clockspring gear (which is what allows the power to move through movable column). As for the rattling, the garage said that it looked like was caused by the exhaust pipe hitting on the new shocks. Sigh. Luckily I had enough time left in the day to run down to Midas to see what they had to say (since they installed the exhaust system). The put it up for free and did their best to identify where it could be coming from, but it definitely was not coming for the exhaust system and the spare tire seemed to be fine as well, so for now the noise will likely remain a mystery and an annoyance.

As for Miranda, she is doing great. Crawling is becoming easier for her and she is able to easily handle objects. She is not much for babbling, but is definitely spoiled as she likes to use both mom and dad as a jungle gym to climb on. Today I was eating an apple (a darn good honey crisp) and she decided she wanted one as well, so I let he suck on the apple which she thoroughly enjoyed.

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