Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I have a recommendation for "Yahoo! Recommends"

Hey Yahoo!

Your Launchcast service provides an interesting way to get lots of music without carrying around my music collection. It was interesting enough for me to pay the money to get higher quality sound samples and no commercials (although I did love the Men of Genius commercials).

However of late, you have been pushing a lot of "Yahoo! Recommends" selections. Now you have over 1000 ratings that I have put in your system. Based on all that very targeted information, you still manage to play Jay-z, Mario, Nickelback, and other artists that I am not that interested in. I might be interested in paying an extra dollar a month for you to quit doing that. Take out the whole phrasing. Call it "Yahoo! Pushing new Crack" because recommends to me implies that it is tailored to me somehow.

However in the end, I am likely to quit paying you any money because of this. I am looking for a radio that I don't have to interact with and now am forced to hit skip every third or fourth song because of your marketing BS that I thought I had paid my way around.

So Yahoo!, bite me,


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