Monday, October 16, 2006


Well the Lions won. I don't know what the chances were, but they completely blew up Andy's winless prediction leaving the only winless team to be the luckless raiders. Plus I got to watch this game where they won.

Comparing yesterday's Lions to those that played the Seahawks, I can definitely see a change. I have to say that the Lions defense has shown a definite weakness in the secondary, but the defensive line is showing a lot of flash and fire that I have not seen. The offense however is clicking. They make mistakes still but there is some crispness to the routes and the blocking schemes seem to be pulling together. Overall, I think the future looks a bit brighter, but not really the near future. I am ok with that.


Anonymous said...

andy sez:

I didn't really believe a winless season was in the cards... some team was going to show up drunk, shoeless, and with their helmets on backwards; it happened to be the Bills. That doesn't actually indicate improvement for the Lions.

The Lions will have 5 wins or less for the next 10 years... at least. No player with any self respect will play for them. Management has no idea how to turn that around. It's very obvious that certain owners of Detroit sports franchises know how to do that (twice in fact), but not the Fnord family. I do wish I knew what kind of hideous blackmail Millen is using to keep his job. He is one of the most demonstrably useless/incompetent managers in pro sports... Maybe he has a cure for hemophilia...

Reverend0 said...

I personally wonder how many seasons with less than 5 wins will eventually get Millen fired? We are pretty bad. Our last winning season was 2000 and we have had one season with 6 wins since. Everything else was less. Argh.

Anonymous said...

andy sez:

The Google targeted ads are creeping me out. There's a discussion of Lions football and I get:

"Are you Emo? Come hang with us"