Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Aquaman: Pilot Episode

I bought this on a whim, probably due to the low threshold of pain at $2. First off, I will state that I have enjoyed Smallville to some degree and as this was a spinoff, I had assumed that it would be of a similar style and level of acting.

However, this is not the case. The style is roughly the same, but this is actually more Buffy than Smallville. A.C. aka Orin aka Aquaman is a 19-22 year old ecoterrorist that has superhuman abilities when doused with salt water. There is the old guard of Atlantis that is there to guide and teach Orin through his being accustomed to his new lot in life. There is the friendly bar keeper and friend of A.C. who believes what ever wacked out story he tells her. There is A.C. step father who is part of the coast guard and plays only a slight role in the show.

Pros of the show:
- set in Florida for those that like to watch trim ladies and fellas romping around
- comic centric beginnings story
- Monsters to fight

Cons of the show:
- Eva the Barkeep believes every weird thing that A.C. says
- I didn't know that there were millions lost in the bermuda triangle
- Acting was flat (although this is pretty common in pilots until the actors get comfortable in their new skin)
- Aquaman's varied strength, sometimes strong, sometimes a wus.

Overall, I don't think I would watch the series if they ever extended it. I do recommend that others take a spin of the pilot and see if they are as negative as I am about this. I mean, it is only $2.

Aquaman: Pilot Episode

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