Monday, October 16, 2006

Get you movie download on!

The folks over at Techcrunch have done a side by side comparison of 5 movie download services. It is very interesting to see the catalog size and pricing scheme that each company has put into place.

I would love to use a movie download service but I don't think the studio gets it. Why should I pay as much for a DVD when I don't get the same stuff? I don't get the extras, I don't get the commentary tracks and I don't get different languages (not that I used them). On top of that, the studio doesn't have to pay to stamp the DVD and box art, nor do they have to ship them and get them on shelves. So Studios, tell me again why it is the same price?

Here is something a little more tolerable:
  • $1.29 TV shows
  • $12.99 new release movies
  • $8.99 back catalog movies
  • $2.99 new release rentals
  • $1.99 back catalog rentals
On top of the pricing scheme, as soon as a movie has finished it's theater run, it should be available for purchase.

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