Sunday, February 05, 2006

Review: I Robot

We watched I Robot starring Will Smith last night via Netflix (a rarity since I love to sit on the movies). I really enjoyed it, however I have not read any Asimov books so I can't compare it to the movie. But it was action packed and filled with many of those charismatic moments from Will Smith that adds humor and a likeable character. However the robot, Sonny, definitely adds a lot of fun to the movie. Whoever did the voice acting for Sonny did a great job.

There were a few parts to the movie that left me feeling that it was this quick flip of emotion that just didn't seem to smooth. One that I can remember that felt hurried was after the driving action sequence where after the fight on the ground, the detective shows up and Will get's angry and boom scene over. I mean as the viewer you are on such a emotional high, then suddenly there is the awkward detective scene. Not good.

Overall, I recommend checking this out.

I, Robot (Widescreen Edition)

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