Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mounting Frustration

I guess my projector and xbox are just irritating me. My xbox locks up all the time and seems to have trouble frequently. My projector has always had a low contrast ratio, but it is now starting to get on my nerves. The solution: deal with it. Right now everything is in new parent mode, so the only purchases are vital purchases till we get through this, unless there is some killer deal (ala the robo-vac that we got for a song).

I think the first panic attack happened when we were watching the birthing videos and I started counting back and we have less than double digit weeks left till our baby arrives. Holy smokes! Michelle is doing a great job painting up her stencils of frogs and leaves and butterflies. To see her progress, check the link to her blog on the menu to the right.

I think I did the final thing today to signify my move to Washington state. I changed the plates on my truck and my wife's car. Although we gotten the plates a while ago, the weather has not been conducive to putting the plates on as it has been <gasp /> raining. However in putting on the plates, I came to the realization that radiators are sharp and attaching the mounting brackets has left my knuckles a bloody mess. But it is done!

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Dustin said...

I take it Washington is a double plate state? On the plus side, any cars you buy in Washington should be prepared with mounting ont he front as well.
You ever wonder if a cop calls in your plate from in front of you?

Reverend0 said...

I never really understood the whole double plate thing. Oh well, do as the law says. Which leads me to: nope, I haven't given the cops reason to try to read my plate from either side.

As long as I live in WA, I am thinking that I won't buy a new vehicle. the 8.8% sales tax adds up quickly.

dustin said...

Just buy one some day when you come back to visit. Of course you would then have to report it to the state if you were a law abiding citizen.