Friday, February 17, 2006

Gamers and their verbal diarrhea

Seems that gamers have quite the potty mouth. I must say that I am guilty as charged but soemtimes it is a little 12 year spouting off using terms I don't even consider using regardless of their winning or losing.

One gamer went so far as to track the use of profanity over a 30 hour period. I think this is a neat idea. But for the most part I tend to only play with those in my clan as dealing with the younger generation can be a bit of a burden. However when I was reading through the comments on the first link, I found a link to the Seasoned Gamers clan which expects a certain level of maturity in their gamers (how much I am not really sure.

So it seems there is a place where you can find friends that aren't young and stupid.

xbox gamertag: reverend0

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