Friday, February 17, 2006

Gaming and my test.

It may be because it is battlefield, but the number of profanity is low (because you can't hear someone else when they are dead). Cause I know that I was spewing them out like crazy. Mostly at my inability to get ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

As a note:
  • With Projector: 42 Points per hour
  • With Low Def CRT: 98 Points per hour

Simply infuriating. All I can gather is that with the CRT the contrast ratio helps with spotting enemy troops. When I switched to my gorgeous projector doing high def, the contrast ratio is so low that it feels very washed out. The funny thing is when I checked the specs online recently of my projector it said 1800:1 contrast ratio. But that doesn't seem right since my LCD monitor is worse and sees to be easier to see things. Hmmmm. Plus the projector is further from the wall than in the old house. Sigh.

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