Tuesday, February 07, 2006

43 things minus 40


Friggin' blog spammers. I just spent 15 minutes deleting 45 comments going back to the posts at the beginning of the blog. Bastards and the state cleaning home blog. I hate them. Stinkin hobbitssess.

So as a new thing, I turned on the silly type in the word thing. Will see if it works or if I will have to implement my own security by moderating. I hope not.


This will be my last superbowl related post. Many things are hard to see in a game and many things are very questionable, but the bias against the Seahawks were real. Which makes it hard to believe that the NFL stands by their refs calls. Every knows that the refs are human and falliable, but to be only lean your calls one way is a little ridiculous. You would almost think they had money riding on the game.

Also, a thank you to Mike A, a commentor/tormentor, on the previous blog entry for pointing me to articles that were totally biased toward the Seahawks. I stand by some of the refs calls, but not all of them. Worst superbowl with any teams I gave a rip about.


The writing of the article in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Craigslist: Destroying America's Community Watchdogs, is complete and utter CRAP. What a load of self righteous literary diarrhea. First off, Craigslist is a community minded site. There are places for posting comments and notifying of meetings and helping people in a barter and selling community. But the line that really gets me:

And he puts nothing back into the community: He doesn't, for example, hire reporters or serve as a community watchdog.

Like I trust some reporter that cares about sensationalism to be a watchdog. And if the newspaper's go out of business, who cares. Archaic art that is not relevant in the here and now society. I fully expect to see more specialized publications (electronic or otherwise) to handle things like movies and entertainment and local plays etc. But blogs are the new publication and will find their own means of acquiring and income...



Lorraine said...

The word verification will totally work. You'll be glad you did it.

Final Superbowl score should have been Seattle 16, Pittsburg 14. I also maintain that had 9/11 not happened the Mariners would have gone to the World Series in '01. Oh well.

Reverend0 said...

Do you think 9/11 had an impact on the Patriots winning the superbowl that year?

As for the score to a superbowl that never happened... would have loved to see a more even-handed game. Seems that we are in the age of sensationalism and that what the media pushes is going to impact our "impartial" judges.