Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pushing more product!

Ok. So if you have noticed, when I create links to books, movies, etc. that I am reading and reviewing, the link goes to Amazon. The deal is that get a small fraction of a cut help fund my main site of Modilabs which hosts my pictures and my encyclopedia of me. So without further ado, I will push more product on you.

I have not completed this comic book, but if you are a fan of Penny Arcade and more specifically the blog posts that go with the comic, then you will enjoy this. Basically this pulls from the 1999-2000 of the website and puts little insights behind what was going on with our hosts, the owners and creators. Lots of fun.

As going through the recent comics, I found one that I would love to have as a poster in my office (if I knew that my child will not see it). That would be the middle frame of this comic. Without the witty words. Just the simplicity of glowing pants. What a rockin' poster.

Also more product to push and places to push you to, I signed up for a pro account of flickr. The UI is simple, the features are rich, and the price is not bank breaking. For a link to my pictures, you can look all over my site and find a few or just click here. Also a friend of mine is taking up the nasty habit of vblog, video blogging, vibe-logging. I have found his videos enjoyable and a neat look at the various technologies he tries out using green screening and using various software. For note, the hosting for his news casts is through vimeo.

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