Sunday, April 30, 2006

First and 15!

Well for the first time, I sat and watched the entire first day. For me it was a little slice of heaven, but not even close to being on the scale of my daughter. Overall, I saw a couple surprise picks but for the most part I thought everyone went towards holes this year instead of player talent which seemed to be the direction last year.

So I honestly thought with Norman Chow in Tennessee, they would have went with Leinart. He was the more polished choice that could actually play the position this year. Young still has a lot of development needed, but may have more room for growth. Still, they passed on a quality QB for a bet.

The raiders really didn't need a DB/S, so when I picked Michael Huff instead of targetting what I think is a major need that could have been filled early with some solid defensive tackles and still be able to pick one of the many good DBs in the draft. Again, it was a little odd to see.

The biggest draft news was the Texans jilting Reggie Bush. I honestly believe no one was willing to trade up to 1 to get Reggie, so the Texans did what they had to and that was start filling in some of their wholes. I probably would have went with D'Brickashaw but I think that the Texans have been able to use the later rounds to shore up the D. But passing on Reggie Bush might be the move that shows the mediocrity of the Texans organization. But not comparing Bush to Barry Sanders, when you take a great offensive weapon and put them in a broken system, you will always improve the level of the system. However that system will still be fundamentally broke. I think we can honestly say that with Reggie Bush, the Texans might have run to 6-10, which is what I think they will be able to do this year with the players they did get, but I think going into the future, you are going to be better aligned to get some long term perspective.

Just to show how bored Miranda was during my watching of the draft:

Miranda 004

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Aaron, from the picture... it kind of looks like you have this room in your place... where you just toss a bunch of stuff that you're not using right now... along with the baby...

That's just my impression from the picture.

Also, I really appreciate that the word verification entry forms are now handicapped accessible. I for one have enough trouble navigating the information superhighway in my mental wheelchair in a virtual environment mostly devoid of virtual elevators, e-ramps, and online extra wide stalls with hand rails.