Thursday, April 06, 2006

When will I be a dad?


So I started a list of everyone's guesses. Feel free to tag on any additional guesses. Here are the only vital statistics that you get:
  • Original Due Date: April 11
  • Fetal Survey Due Date: April 14

So here are the guesses in so far:
MeApril 183:30 AM
MichelleApril 133:00 PM
My MomApril 242:00 PM
MandersApril 107:00 AM
LehmanApril 132:00 AM
JfewApril 77:00 PM
QhuntApril 139:00 AM
BrownellApril 146:00 AM

So we are getting near the date.


Anonymous said...

Andy April 22 10:30 AM

Anonymous said...

Amanda April 15 5:32 PM

Reverend0 said...

Adding for a coworker...
Janak: April 16th 7:00 PM

Jay Heuer said...

Jay - April 13: 3AM *evil grin*, sorry MIchelle

Reverend0 said...

Adding for a coworker...
Agregov: April 11th, 7:00 AM

Anonymous said...

hhioI say April 10th 4:00 a.m. and you guys best call me!! :) MOM

Anonymous said...

hmmm April 15th 7:33 am.... even though i want it sooner!!!! love ya, Cath