Monday, April 24, 2006

NFL draft quickie

I haven't really had time to finish what I started in terms of my draft research. I have a preliminary expected draft order but haven't had time to put in all the trades that I expect to happen and only got to pick 15.
  1. Jets - Reggie Bush
  2. Saints - Mario Williams
  3. Titans - Matt Leinart
  4. Texans - D'Brickashaw Ferguson
  5. Packers - A. J. Hawk
  6. Cardinals - Vince Young
  7. Raiders - Vernon Davis
  8. Bills - Brodrick Bunkley
  9. Lions - Michael Huff
  10. 49ers - Kamerion Wimbley
  11. Rams - Ernie Sims
  12. Broncos - DeAngelo Williams
  13. Ravens - Haloti Ngata
  14. Eagles - Winston Justice
  15. Browns - Chad Greenway

Parts of this don't feel right yet. It feels like I have a lot more movement than I wanted, but at the same point, when you look at the top 10 players there is a definite order to their skill levels also coupled with the power of their position. I tried to capture the strength of the players and let the teams come to them. The teams may end up not trading and taking these players as well. Either way, I am starting to get excited about it.


Ish said...

Oh come on, Michael Huff isn't a Wide Receiver. Your draft must be wrong. I figure the Lions for Chad Jackson. Though his last name isn't Williams, so they might go after Deangelo Williams instead. But clearly it must be someone who is a wide receiver or named Williams. A DB? You crazy?

Reverend0 said...

Maybe that is why my prediction feels wrong. Stupid Lions. Grrr.