Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More from the Northwest

Well, Miranda is doing fine. I am starting to understand her feeding habits. Most of the time she is pretty even with times and amounts, but occasional the amounts will spike and the times will fluctuate. I can only attribute it to growth spurts, but to be honest, I don't really know.

Kinda nice that I have been able to see a few smiles from her, but lord forbid I have a camera anywhere near me during those moments. I am sure that I will get the opportunity eventually. And wow can she fill a diaper.

From an animal note, Tigger seems pretty well adjusted to her, but now demands more attnetion. Normally this cat is very standoffish, but he has even sat in my lap of late which is super weird for him. He even follows me through the house. I think he is afraid that we may leave and come home with another wailing child. As for the fish, the crappy ones to start the cycling are doing just fine. I don't think they even notice the baby. However we have a decent algae growth, so I will pick up some form of algae eater over the weekend and decided if that tank will be Rainbow fish, or african cichlids. Once I install the new faucet for the basement sink, I will drain and refill the 110 for it's future of fish holding.

Here is one of my favorite recent pics!

Miranda 004


Princess Blogonoke said...

Miranda is so adorable and she looks so tiny compared to you! Awwww!

It's amazing how delicate a baby's fingers and toes are when they're so young :)

Anonymous said...

Well, you're looking much better than you did in the photo you posted near the end of April (the one where you looked like a drug addict). Either you're adjusting to the new sleeping schedule, or you're just learning to cover.

And Laura's right, Miranda is soooooo adorable....

Love you all, -amanda

Anonymous said...

andy sez:

Until I tire of it, I will create my own captions for every baby picture that you post...

Today's caption:
"OH MY GOD! This is the worst eau de cologne he's tried yet! Ack! Ack! Ack!"