Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another bath, and voila: Clean Miranda

So today was another bath for Miranda (sorry, no pics nor will there be). She is starting to tolerate them more it seems like. Same with the changing of the diaper, done now with minimal fuss. So far adventures in baby land are going well.

However I am sorry to say the picture a day thing has failed really before it even took off. I guess I didn't realize how tired one could be. However either I am getting used to being tired or somehow I am magically squeezing out quality sleep in shorter time periods. Either way, Michelle and I are maintaining the necessaries of sleep, food, and cleanliness for us and more importantly, Miranda.

dad and miranda

This morning between work and Miranda (letting Michelle get more rest, she needs it!) I started work on my 2006 mock draft based on too much research. I have gotten through the first 15 pics, but am deciding that I am not liking some of the pics I have. I seem to be lacking some of that edginess that will either make me a genius or get me totally laughed at. Either one of those options is completely fine with me. The draft is always tricky. You know that the teams are holding these secret "love affairs" with certain players that they don't want anyone else to know about. This is some value to stealing another teams desired player or moving like you are. Hopefully the research will be done so that I can post it tomorrow night.

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andy's caption:

Zombie Aaron: definately not the cute one in this picture.