Monday, January 31, 2005

Movie Review: Seven Years in Tibet

I don't know if to give it a bad review or a good review. It seems to be a movie of middles. Gorgeous scenery, mediocre acting, and beautiful plot lead to a picture that will make you wonder if it 7 years or 27 years. You get to watch as Brad Pitt's character (Heinrich) developes from an uncaring, self centered man, into a compassionate, human that is full of life and wisdom. The emotions of them film seem to run at odds with itself through many parts. I guess, it might be because I just finished reading "A Long Walk" which details the journey of 8 individuals away from the prison camps of Siberia all the way to India. It is one of those stories that you cannot put down.

Seven Years in Tibet is another rich and wonderful story, but I felt that it fell short in when it all came together. Of course this movie may have lost me as I am on cold meds.

Morale of the Review: Skip Seven Years, and go buy or borrow A Long Walk.


andy said...

Hey, you have a blog! It seems to go back to... September.

Huh. Whatdoyakonw. I'm one observant m.f.

That does explain a couple of comments from Ish regarding "Aaron's blog".

And look! Since I signed up to post non-anonymous comments on the Laura wedding blog I can do it here too. Amazing.

About 7 Years in Tibet... I've got nothing.

Reverend0 said...

My blog rarely contains anything near a deep thought that Ish's may though.