Monday, January 03, 2005

Back from the U.P.

Well we are back from our trip to the U.P. Got to see some family. Got to eat some good food. And got to spend our 5th Christmas with some family. So it was good. So we were up there from the 29th to Jan 2nd.

When the roads are 22 degrees and air is 34 degrees and raining, you can imagine the fun driving that entails. Now I really wasn't in Houghton for very long. Spent most of it out in Bootjack.

Did a little bit of Halo 2 tonight. I really should have been moving stuff, but I wanted to play. Bad me. So now I have to work double time tomorrow night as the new bed will be coming on Thursday night. So lots of large items to move around.

On a more corrective note. The TeamTalk item from Datel doesn't suck as bad. I got it to work from reading other reviews. You reall have to jam the headphone plugs in to get it to work. So it works. Good deal.

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