Thursday, January 06, 2005

Got a new bed and have a dead appliance

For Christmas / Birthdays, my parents got my wife and me a new bed. Queen size. I, of course, think they spent too much but I really appreciate the thought. So tonight was the delivery night. Which also meant that the last 3 nights we have been cleaning up various areas of the house in preparation. Basically moved some couches around in the basement attempting to make room for a twin bed (failure) and then we moved the full bed to the back bedroom. Then lots and lots of cleaning. But it is in.

Now the bad part is our Washer isn't working. I would mention the brand but it doesn't really matter (technically I work for the company that makes it). So I do expect these things. So I started tracking back the date of appliance. We bought it 3 years ago and it was 4 years old at the time. Hmmm 7 years. Seems slightly short.

The main problem comes that would like to purchase a new washer, but that is a significant cost. Of course if the repairs turn out to be too much, then I will forego the repairs, chuck it, and buy the one that my wife wants. Let me tell you, with normal Christmas costs, this additional costs really makes me wish for a nice big raise. Stupid washer.

On a lighter note, I will continue on tonight with my relearning of Visual C# and web services. Specifically I am trying to create a client that will periodically get the forecast for the national weather service and display that information. Maybe automatically post to a site. If I feel like it. I don't know. Just playing. Next I think I will tackle a "light" weight bayes network. Sounds like a mini-party.

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