Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rememberance and a shout out

It is funny that as one gets involved in all the aspects of one's life, it is easy to get totally absorbed in it, so much so that you forget about many things that are not directly in your path of vision. For one, I am a gamer and musician as hobbies, but those has fallen to the wayside to my new job as Dad. For the most part, I don't miss them all the time, but there are events that bring those things to the forefront and then I truly begin to miss them. Maybe someday I will have time? More likely I will have to make time and reduce my sleep :)

As for the shout out, it is directly related to what led me to miss writing, playing, and performing music. My friend Ish just posted about how he has now got some time scheduled to do some recording. Thankfully he gave some links to his music that he recorded in the past and I got to enjoy those this morning as I came into work. Ish, if you read this, I have always been in complete and utter awe at your talents and abilities. The songs I downloaded were incredible. I remember hanging out and jamming once, and most of the time I forgot to play because I was enamored of what you could create. Thank you.

And because I feel obligated to post pictures of my daughter when I do post...
miranda_halloween 018


Jay Heuer said...

Now there is a force to be reckoned with... she is adorable!

Reverend0 said...

Thanks Jay! Very hard to say no to that little smile :)

Anonymous said...

andy's captions:

"Claws! I need claws!"