Thursday, November 09, 2006

Office Pranks

Have you ever wanted to prank an officemate while they are on vacation? Do you love Gummi Bears?

Buy Haribo Gummi Bears!

Images of the prank: Haribo Gummi Bears Prank

Discuss amongst yourselves: Haribo Gummi Bears Discussion


Anonymous said...

andy sez:

Thanks. Now when I go to Amazon I get recommendations for gummi bears.

Amazon is, more and more, reminding me of the Pearl Market in Beijing. Corrie and I walk through and there is this constant chorous from all sides, "Lady, you want necklace?" "Lady, you want purse." And if you're caught looking at something in particular, like earrings, "Lady, you want earring?" "Lady, you want earring?" "Lady, you want earring?" "Lady, you want earring?" "LADY, YOU WANT EARRING??"

Amanda said...

I'm laughing so hard right now.

Thank you Andy.