Sunday, January 15, 2006

Round 2 complete.

Well, another weekend at 2 and 2. For me the big surprise wasn't Pittsburgh versus Indianapolis, but more the Patriots versus Broncos. I could have sworn with the confidence of Tom, the running of Corey, and Patriots "D" close to old form, they would be unstoppable. I was so wrong.

The frustrating game for me was the Steelers/Colts game. The officiating really had it in there head that the Colts should have won. I saw 3 major miss calls. 3. Totally unexcusable. For the most part I can accept a couple mistakes a game. It happens, but these were easy to see. The one that stands out to me right now, was the calling of an incomplete pass instead of interception. IT WAS AN INTERCEPTION! There was a big 3rd down pass interference call that was never seen? I know there are mistakes but geez. Luckily the Steelers won, or I would be faced with the prospect of boycotting the rest of the Indy games even if it included the super bowl.

On a different note, I decided to try the game Starport: GE since I had heard interesting things about it. And it's free. In terms of a MMO, I don't see much, but for general feel, it is Civ plus asteroids. Try it, it's free.

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Dustin said...

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