Thursday, January 19, 2006

A message from the fat kids

For the first time in human evolution do we have more calories consumed in the median of the population than they are burning. So what do we have but a growing level of obesity and specifically in the younger generation? One group of individuals has decided that the best course is to introduce a higher level of state control of society. Socialism in a non-equal society? So what are they really doing? Seems that Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is in league with The Center for Science in the Pubic Interest to bring a lawsuit against Viacom and Kellogg to stop having commercials for high-sugar cereals. Forcing them by using the government to attack their wallets. Almost sounds pseudo-capitalist, except there is the government.

So if parents are so concerned that they children are eating foods that are not good for them or contain too much sugar, why not just not buy it? It must be because Kellogg and Viacomm are responsible for the fact that their kids eat this. I guess these kids are using their allowance money on cereal instead of G.I. Joe and Barbie. I find this highly doubtful. Here is an option, since cereal has so much sugar, why not use it as a sweetener in such foods like cream of wheat and oatmeal? Huh parents? Or just not buy it?

Maybe boycott's are vogue. Maybe your conviction is not strong? Either way, I can only conjecture that you, as parents, are not strong enough to stand up for what is right for your kids on your own, that you need the government to step in.

So, Aaron, how do you really feel?

Well, I think we turn to government and law and PUBLIC funds when we really don't need to. First we are a very strong centralized government, which I am not that thrilled with. And then we are taking the funds that we pay into the government to help with education, roads, foreign policies, feeding the hungry, etc and wasting it on a totally frivilous lawsuit which involves many public servants. Totally idiotic.

In closing, we only avoid Darwin so long.

Rant set off by: Viacom and Kellogg sued over television ads

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John Knight said...

Well the last time I checked no one held a gun to my head to eat that donut... at least not that I can remember. Nope. I'm pretty sure it was all me. I believe in taking Coke machines out of elementary schools. I believe in cartoon violence (Yo Joe! & ACME dynamite), plastic toys of mass destruction (anyone else remember the StarWars Death Star playset!!!) No, people (parents) need to be allowed to be parents, or not. Same think about kids. We need to create a safe environment for them, one with out violence but with plenty of Captain Crunch and Coco Crispies. They tried taking away comics books, then Saturday morning cartoons. We now have a stronger comic book industry (and movie industry because), and 2 cable channels devoted to nothing but cartoons 24/7. I say bring it on. In the end, there will be only MORE sugar cereal!