Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year... Late

New Years and Christmas were good this year. We spent alot of time with Karen and Ben who are leaving the great state of Washington. We played just a ton of cards and that was pretty darn cool. I now have my computer kinda setup in the new office as we have everything but about 6 pieces of trim around the door and window. Also I am missing a desk, but for a now a folding desk is sufficing.

Next is the baby's room before I tackle the last little bit of trim. I will be glad when that is taken care of. I must say, one thing about living in a city is that public transportation is suddenly an option. I now get a ton of reading done on the train.

I recently finished The Number of the Beast by Robert A. Heinlein. I am not really sure what he was thinking when he wrote that. It starts out be a sex novel and finishes off and a sort of self-bashing rehash of old characters. Just bizarre. I am sure that Andy the Poptart Jesus would be able to explain the book, but it just felt . . . not right to me.

So I now I am taking a foray back into the business side by reading The Search. So far it is light reading which has amounted to nothing more than Stanford lovin' and empty text. But enjoyable empty text.

One of the authors of fantasy books that I really enjoy is Raymond Feist. I had read a couple of his later series but I decided it was time for me to explore the works that started it all. So I read the first four books that he did and wow did I enjoy them. I did however like the series that I started with. Particularly the book that I started with in Shadow of the Dark Queen. His other stuff is good, but I like that one in particular.

So many books to read... after that either more Heinlein or the E-myth Mastery books.


Jay Heuer said...

Definitely the E-Myth Mastery, or maybe Knife of Dream by Jordan...

Reverend0 said...

I finished Knife of Dream by Robert Jordan before Thanksgiving. I was definitely impressed by that one. But that might be because I have not been impressed by his books since book 5 ot 6.

It seems however that he had a great editor that told him to cut short on his normally long winded descriptions and periods where nothing happens. Things happen. Things feel too short for a change. I like. I will have to do a full blog on it, once I figure out how not to give anything way and still say something. :)