Monday, January 09, 2006


Well as promised to ish, I am going to throw out my picks, which based on my previous scorecard, I will definitely be updating as we go through.

Washington versus Seattle

While Washington was able to beat my prediction last time with some incredible defense, they are now going against a team that has proven to be more than a match for many tough defenses. I feel the factor that will take down Washington is it's ineffectual offense. I rode the Clinton Portis bus at one point. He is amazing, but he went for someone doing almost 4 yard/carry to 3 this year. And that is with his explosive speed which means that most of the time he can't get out of the starting block before being tied up. I think that being said you have to take a look at the two QBs and it is easy to say that experience is nearly equal, but Hasslebeck is the better captain of the ship.

New England versus Denver

Well Patroits, you have taught me again to not doubt you. You have my vote this time. Denver's receiver core is mostly lackluster all lead by the scrambling man, The Snake. Sorry but you are going against a LEAGUE LEADING 4100 yard QB in Tom Brady. I am still a little shocked at the number. From Tom "friggin'" Brady. Plus you throw in Corey Dillon? No contest. Luckily for the Patroits, they can get a bit of rest for their secondary.

Pittsburgh versus Indianapolis

Peyton and Edgerrin and Marvin have enough to say without me spouting off. 'Nough said.

Carolina versus Chicago

GAME of the WEEK. You can't win if you can't score and I don't think the Bears defense is going be able to score for the offense so we are looking at an amazing defense struggle, but I don't think Carolina will up the turnovers to allow the Bears to win. This is also the game I am swaying the most over. Bears could upset just due to the fact that Carolina defense seems to have only two speeds. 150% and reverse.

Continuing on:

Carolina versus Seattle

New England versus Indianapolis

Carolina versus Indianapolis

We shall see.

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Anonymous said...

Andy sez:

Hey, going 2 and 2 in the Wildcard round was better than I did. I picked New England... and no other winners. So that I can be properly mocked for my prognostication (dis)ability, I will join in the fun.

Seattle beats Washington
Denver beats New England
Indy beats Pittsburg
Chicago beats Carolina

Indy beats Denver
Seattle beats Chicago

Seattle beats Indy

God, I'm looking at near 0% this year, I bet.