Sunday, January 29, 2006

Football, Video Game Fridays, and website upgrades

Playoffs for Football

So it is time for me to eat crow or whatever that phrase is. Or maybe I should say eat my Seahawk poo. They won when I had predicted that they couldn't. I could run this down to the psychological aspect that was that the Seahawks were one of the few teams that had never been to the big game along with my beloved and stupid Lions. Or that the fans went completely nuts after all the playoff games so far. And I mean nuts. Course Lions fans would do the same, but we don't have to worry about that. Sometime this next week I will post my not so indepth analysis and make another half-assed guess for the superbowl.

Detroit Lions

Maintain more Lions thoughts, we seem to have acquired a new head coach in the mold of Tom Conklin of the Giants. Someone who will run this team like a military harkening it back to when Lombardi and folks were running this league of blue collar workers. Only thing is the players are now multi-million dollar specialists and seem to work at their own pace, almost leaders in their own rights. In general, I think this is a good move. I hope that this also brings about a refocus on the Lions defense which I am a big fan of. I believe there is a lot of talent there and only needs a couple of tweaks. In fact, I think the defense for the Lions are responsible for more points being scored than the offense, but then again, that really isn't that hard with the Lions. We shall see with the draft in April and also with training camp in July and August. We shall see.

VG Fridays

So I set up my projector weeks ago, but that also corresponds with when I stopped playing Friday night video games with my friends. Not because of the projector but because I was either working or I had friends over to visit. People in person should get priority over virtual people even if they are real people. Mostly cause there were a ton of other folks playing and me not there is not a big deal. So this Friday, I decided to play. Right now there are only a handful of people that haven't migrated to the 360 so we few played a little Battlefield Modern Combat. Still a great game, but I have run into a number of problems where my version won't login to XBox live. When I select play online, it goes into the loading screen, but if I see a flicker (as if a window were closing and flashes in front of a screen) I know that it failed and is now hiding the error message. Also occasionally will hang when trying to connect to a board. Uggg. And to make matters worse, I have been playing on my old, archaic TV for the last few weeks and the low def has been driving me nuts, but switching to projector has it's own issues. The contrast ratio just plain sucks. So I can't see crap. Very irritating. Going from 30 points a map to 12, I now know that when I finally take care of some of my expenses and the baby stuff, that is the first thing on my list. Before getting a XBox 360.

Website Upgrades

I really didn't upgrade the boxes, but I finally got fed up with using phpWebSite as my content management system and installed Mediawiki on my server. Mediawiki is the software that runs the popular and controversial WIKIPEDIA and I have run that in various other places I have worked. I know other people are a bigger fan of other CMS, but I tend to lean toward different solutions for different feature sets. Tiki is nice, but I am not thrilled with all of it's features and prefer to install those separately and link them in a web like fashion. So at some point I am either going to install a Picture gallery software or sign up for flickr pro to handle my gallery management. Haven't decided. But either way, I will attempt to add more to the site and this gives me a better way of being able to put up various posts that I want persistent and whatnot.


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