Saturday, January 14, 2006

Ninja Burger

Just recently bought a Steve Jackson game, Ninja Burger. Quite fun. Although this just isn't as fun as Munchkin. Premise wise, it has the potential of being super cool, but doing missions feel overly short. Maybe at some later point, I will reach a level of "role-play" that will make it super cool. Maybe.

In my reading, I am nearly complete with "The Search" by John Battelle. As much as I feel the author is pretentious and aloof, I find that this book has a high gold nugget to crap ratio. Great way to create ideas as well when it comes to internet technologies or perhaps adding internet technologies to other industries.

I think I will setup a book reviewing system for business books where I will measure their cool neat ideas against the amount of pages with bonuses for excessive amounts of what I consider bad ideas. Next business reading: E-myth masteries.

Of course, I couldn't let my fun reading go to heck, so I picked up The Moon is a Harse Mistress for evening reading to unwind with. I really love it. I am kinda surprised by that. It really goes into creating a revolution and the parts and pieces. What I have particularly enjoyed is the creation of a new us vs. them mentality where one has changed... Was a U.S. versus Russia versus France versus etc, that has now changed to Loonies versus Earthlings. Very interesting.

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