Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas to New Years

Well, I had the week off as my parents and my brother were in town. It was a lot of fun but also extremely tiring for Miranda. Day one we bummed around, playing with Miranda and general chitchat. We went to the ocean with Miranda but it was a little too cold for her so we stayed just a little while and headed back. Also took a trip up to Seattle Center to check out the view from the Space Needle. Overall we mostly just spent time with Miranda.

Since then I have watched a few bowl games and a little NFL. Can't believe the Lions won. Really moving from the number 1 draft pick to the number 2 draft pick shouldn't matter. Given our track record in the top slots, we aren't looking to pick up anyone that we will keep. Although the win was really more of Dallas giving the Lions a Christmas gift.

Also Boise State vs. Oklahoma was fantastic. Just a good, hard-fought game!

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Dec29 044_cont

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James V Reagan said...

that is a great frickin picture of Seattle and Rainier. I'm going to steal it and put it in my own album. Only time I've been to the top of the Needle it was so cloudy you couldn't even see Qwest Field.

One of these days I am going to get a picture of Seattle with the Olympics in the background. That's my favorite view of Seattle, but the only time I see it is in the summer on the way to work.