Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Big Ten not so big?

I watched number 1 and 2 of the big ten this year. Normally I avoid the bowl games as I feel that a playoff or tournament would work better at determining WHO IS NUMBER 1(tm). But then again, if they actually determined who was number 1 in a better way, people would talk less and then we would either have more war or have to face some sort of real issues that our country has to deal with...

Either way, I digress. I come from Big Ten country (but from a MAC family) and I fully did not expect the Schooling and Wanton Destruction that happened upon a typically strong conference. Ohio State and Michigan should be ashamed of truly horrid effort. They looked underprepared and like the were suffering from spotlight hangover while the underdogs look more like junkyard dogs, hungry and ferocious.

Here's to next year, and a new batch of Collegiate Football.

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