Sunday, January 28, 2007

Media Center and XBOX 360...

Well, we hooked up the media center PC about a week ago to the xbox last week to see if we could do a couple more things with the 360 that we couldn't do before. First was we wanted to record shows and play those recording back. Second off, we occasionally buy Amazon Unbox videos and those would not play. Well on hooking it up, we didn't have much luck. The PC and the 360 both run on wireless and also don't have the greatest reception. The video was choppy, control was slow and clunky. However, I really didn't want to run catV all over the house just so that I could get the functionality. Instead I moved one of my two wireless routers to the other side of the house and set the PC to run on the one below it, and the 360 to run on the one below it. Now I have quick speedy controls of a remote playing DVR. Slick. And the Amazon Unbox videos run like a charm. However, I am still pissed that I needed the Media Center edition in order to run them.

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